January 22, 2017

4 Ways to Maximize Social Media Networking Efficiency

There’s no denying that social media is one of the most prominent ways to network in the business world today, offering an exorbitant number of opportunities to connect with potential clients, partners, influencers and future employees. We all use social media, but chances are not all of us are using it to network as effectively and efficiently as we could be.

If you’re looking to find and connect with contacts related to your industry, here are some tips for more efficient social media networking.

Pick the Right Platform

Depending on your industry or networking focus, certain social media platforms may maximize your chances of connecting with relevant audiences and developing lasting relationships. Be cognizant of the overall function of the various social media platforms available to you, and platforms that seem to be most popular within your target market. If you’re looking to connect with industry-specific professionals or companies that may be looking for someone with your skillset, LinkedIn is the best place to start. If your target market is like-minded individuals with similar interests, you may be able to use Facebook to your advantage by joining relevant groups, employing the “people you may know” feature, and searching mutual friends.

Connect with the Right People

With hundreds of thousands of potential contacts at your fingertips, it can be difficult to determine who to reach out to online. When building your social media network, choosing the right people to connect with will allow you to network more efficiently, and avoid wasting anyone’s time. Find quality contacts by searching for those people who are obviously active online. On LinkedIn, connect with those networkers who have strong profiles and 500+ connections. Not only are these people likely respond well to your attempt to connect, but having them as part of your network will provide your profile with more visibility as well. Another tactic is to look at who your competitors or others within your industry are networking with, in case there is a valuable market which you hadn’t yet considered.

Be Transparent

Initiating contact with someone you don’t know can be intimidating. Even so, social media networking engages millions of internet users worldwide, and most will be receptive to your invitation to connect. Be open and transparent about your reason for connecting with them, whether you’d like to offer your help, learn more about their business ventures, or refer them to someone else.

Engage in Groups and Discussions

Many social media platforms offer groups and discussion areas to encourage interaction and real time engagement. Don’t just follow along with what others are posting; join the conversation! Not only will this allow you to discover influencers and like-minded souls within your industry, but your participation will make you a person of interest to others looking to expand their own social media networking efforts. Groups and discussion forums can expose you to markets you may have been neglecting, and allow you to build real relationships that will reap innumerable business and networking opportunities in the future.

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