October 16, 2016

Five Low Budget Business Marketing Tips

You don’t need to spend a lot of money marketing your business. There have been many businesses that enjoyed considerable success, all while spending very little money.

Thanks to the internet, it’s possible that with a small investment, you can send your business into the stratosphere if you use the right methods. Here are five tips to help you expand your business marketing efforts. Keep in mind that if you DO have the money to follow it up, that will certainly help. However, you can still go from rags to riches if you stay disciplined in your efforts.

Emphasize Good Content

Content marketing has really caught on over the past few years for a few reasons. First, Google emphasizes good content as part of its analytics for search engine optimization (SEO). However, the main reason is that solid, informative content keeps people coming back to your website. You are not only reaching out, but keeping those who have an inherent interest in the products or services that you provide. So, write good content and keep it up on a regular basis and it will start to pay off in the long run.

Video Marketing

Thanks to the combination of low-cost HD digital cameras, microphones, and computer editing software, it’s possible to create high quality videos for a very low cost. While it is seemingly everyone’s dream to create the viral video seen by millions, you should start off with instructional videos designed for those interested in your industry and the products or services you offer. You can start with videos of how to best use your product and expand outwards to include other, similar products in your industry.

Look for Coupons and Credits

Just like the wise shopper uses coupons to save money at the grocery store, so too can you find discounts and credits when paying for ads such as on Google or Facebook. You may find that some web hosting companies will have discount codes as part of their marketing efforts to entice you to use their services. Check around to see if you can find any discount codes or coupons that will work for your marketing efforts.

Emphasize Social Networks

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others are free to set up and you can create multiple accounts if needed. While you will have to pay for their advertising, you can also use the social media sites to better connect with customers. If you like posting lots of pictures, Instagram is a natural for your business. Twitter is great for making announcements, and Facebook is a good catch-all for whatever you need to post.

Customer Referrals

Create a customer referral program that rewards a customer for signing up someone else. The small amount of money spent will be well worth it when you get another purchase. The only requirements should be that the new customer leave their email address for your newsletters and make a purchase above a certain amount.

By using these five low-cost business marketing tips, you can greatly expand your company online.

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