March 19, 2017

How to (Social) Network on Facebook

When your Facebook newsfeed is bogged down with political drama and family photos, it’s likely that you aren’t embracing the platform as an opportunity to network. The truth, however, is that Facebook can be a successful networking tool.

LinkedIn is, of course, the leading professional platform, but you can use Facebook to network with the following tips.

Treat Your Profile like it’s an Extension of Your Resume

According to Lauren Milligan, founder of ResuMAYDAY, “When you think about Facebook and other social-networking sites, you have got to think about these profiles as an addendum to your resume.” Facebook users have long been cautioned about keeping their personal and professional lives separate in terms of online exposure, but the lines are often still blurred. If your profile is searchable and simple to find, you should make sure that you are representing your industry and image in the best way that you see fit. That being said, your profile should be easy to find if you want to tap into Facebook’s networking opportunities. Giving people the opportunity to interact with you on a personal level with ease can go a long way in building trust, as long as you maintain a proper image.

Share What You’re Working On

When you plan to network through your personal page or your Facebook business account, people generally respond positively to original content about progress. Use your status as a platform to share information about your latest project, accomplishment or newest goal. Whether you’re a music artist, a handyman or anything in between – this will send a message to your Facebook friends and followers that you are passionate, consistently engaged and motivated. Need help with an upcoming project? Use Facebook to reach out to your community and inspire involvement. After all, you never know if that ex-classmate is going to become your future employer or next big sale.

Networking 101: Educate Your Audience

We all have that strongly opinionated Facebook friend or follower that seems to overshare online. As you know, being spammed with poor content that is (often) not accurate is enough to turn an eye roll into an ‘unfollow’ with ease. If you want your Facebook page to yield successful networking results, you should use it as a genuine outlet to describe to your audience the kind of work that you do– and in a positive way. When you consistently post high-quality, engaging social content that educates your audience (without overwhelming them), you begin to make a name for yourself a trusted industry leader.

Benefits of Networking via Facebook

Facebook gives you the opportunity to find, interact and network with people you may have never considered on a professional level. This makes it a valuable social component if you want to:

  • Brand yourself
  • Create and leverage events
  • Find and connect with groups with similar interests/professional goals
  • Share original content
  • Increase engagement

Note: When describing/publishing anything about your life or business on Facebook, avoid giving away clues to information that could help a hacker gain access to your personal information. For example: your pet’s name, mother’s maiden name, the street you live on, who your childhood best friend was, etc.

That about sums it up for now. What are you waiting for? Get networking!

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