November 5, 2016

Let’s Get Social: Tips for Social Media Marketing

There’s little doubt social media has had a profound impact on marketing. Facebook alone has over a billion accounts, all around the world. The potential to reach millions suddenly isn’t so hard.

However, succeeding with your social media marketing efforts is another matter, thanks to the unique structure of the network. This is because social media is primarily an interactive one, so traditional means of advertising are going to be less effective compared to radio, TV, or newspapers.

With this in mind, there are still a number of methods that you can use to succeed in growing your business. Naturally, you will need to post interesting material and engage with your audience by answering their questions and making proper comments. Here are four basic ways to improve your overall success on social media.

Use High Quality Video

There is a very good reason video content has exploded across social media. It is currently the best means for your message to go viral and reach thousands, even millions of people that otherwise would never have heard of your business. Short videos in particular that are humorous or simple relatable can become the backbone of your marketing effort on social media. You will need good quality video, sharp editing, and content that have viral potential. All you have to do is strike gold once with a video going viral and you can tremendously improve the success of your business efforts.

Track the Success of Your Content

Keep track of the content you post and see which ones garner the most positive responses. From this information, you can build on your success by posting more along the lines of what worked in the past, although do not just copy and reprint. What you want to do is build upon the themes that are the most successful so you can expand your audience base. While you should explore new frontiers on occasion, it is generally best to find what works and let that be your guide.

Stretch Out That Tweet

Twitter is famous for its 140 character tweets, but if you absolutely must send a longer message there is a very easy way to do it. End your original tweet with a cliffhanger and then reply to it by continuing the message. Not only will you get in more information, you will also draw more interest as people want to see how the cliffhanger ends.

Moderate Inflammatory Posts and Comments

Inflammatory posts may actually be driving away potential customers if they see your site as one that welcomes rowdy behavior. You can use your page moderation section to ban words such as “unlike” or better yet, multiple exclamation points. When people use more than one exclamation point, it’s not because they like your post. The good news is that the person who posted along with their friends will still see it there, it just will not be seen by anyone else.

By using these four simple tips, you can increase your effectiveness with social media marketing.

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