October 28, 2016

Outside the Box: Five Creative Business Marketing Tips

One of the keys to success is being creative in your approach to business marketing. This means setting yourself apart from the competition so that you get noticed.

The good news is that being creative often means getting the most out of your investment, so you can spend less and see more customers. Of course, coming up with creative ideas may be a bit difficult, so here are five to help get you started.

Give Away Your Products

It may seem a bit silly at first to give away what you are trying to sell, but you would be amazed at how free samples or discounts can go a long way towards marketing your business. This is because you are allowing customers to try a small sample and in return some of them are going to purchase more of your products. This tried-and-true technique has been used for many years and it still works like gangbusters today if you make the right approach.

Guerilla Marketing

You’ve probably seen a business pull a stunt that was legal, but captured the attention of your community or even the nation. This is known as guerilla marketing where practically no money is spent, but the result is a stunt or event that gets lots of attention. This works by organizing some type of stunt or event that is 100% legal or otherwise the story is about how you broke the law. And, it captures the attention of the pubic. While not every stunt works, at least you didn’t spend much money and you can always try again until you succeed.

Attend Networking Events

If you live in or near a city, there are many networking events that happen every year. You should present yourself and your products or services at every event you can in order to start getting attention. To separate your booth from the rest, offer something that attracts a crowd such as a smartphone recharging station or interesting short video. The more you network, the more you become known to the public. You can even create your own networking opportunities at public events by supporting the local team or rally.

Support Causes and Organizations

This is an easy way to gain a lot of positive press in your community. By making a nice donation and being a public supporter of a worthy cause, you are getting your business name out there to the public. You can even use this as part of a cooperative marketing campaign which helps boost the brand of your company while reaching out to more potential customers. Your business looks better and is better recognized.


People love free stuff and holding a contest with the winner getting a cool prize is another easy way to attract large amounts of attention to your business. You will need to make sure that the prize is big and cool enough to work such as a tablet or similar device, but the few hundred dollars you spend on that could help you sell thousands of dollars of your own products.

By taking advantage of one or more of these creative business marketing tips, you can really expand the outreach of your advertising efforts.

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