Networking at events has never been easier.

Meet People The Easy Way

Brella is a simple, web-based networking tool that helps you to meet the most valuable people at events, conferences and livestreams.

Create A Profile

Sign in with LinkedIn or create a Brella account. It takes less than two minutes of your time. Next, by using either a link or an event code, join an event that’s supporting Brella.

Set Search Preferences

Brella will match you with other, relevant attendees. You’ll meet just the right people that can elevate your business. Without wasting any time.

Book Face-To-Face Meetings

At Brella, we have one job: to sort out the best possible people for you to meet at an event.

  • Brella will sort out the most relevant people for you
  • You can book meetings with a couple of clicks
  • We’ll provide time and space for your meetings

Like What You See?

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